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Five Things You Need to Know Before Visiting South Carolina

Posted on 10 November 2017 by (0)

Whether you’re planning to visit South Carolina with your family or you just want to spend some time away from home alone, South Carolina is the best place to be. The state is home to some of the country’s most romantic and beautiful cities. Charleston and Greenville and some of the cities you must visit as you get to this gorgeous state. South Carolina features forests, an amazing landscape, mountains, beaches, lakes, natural beauty, and every other thing you could want in a perfect vacation destination. If you look at Southeastern US states, you’ll realize that South Carolina has a distinctively unique natural beauty and historic cities. As you plan your trip to this beautiful state, here are some of the things you need to know.

You won’t find any Really, Really Big City

Surprised? Well, that’s expected. Just know that the “big cities” in South Carolina aren’t big as such. However, that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t anything to explore and admire here. Greenville and Charleston are two cities that offer travelers with the perfect, Southern treasures. In fact, Charleston is has been ranked the best city in America on several occasions. You should head here and find out for yourself why it is so.

The Sweet Tea here is Delicious

The chances are that you’ve heard about the sweet tea offered in South Carolina. Don’t be surprised to learn that you won’t be going back to that iced or unsweetened tea nonsense after taking a few sips of the tea here. You better not allow anyone to try it for you.

Outlet Shopping is everywhere

Does this statement sound different to you? Well, visitors come here to enjoy the beaches in Charleston, SC while others come to explore the rich history of Charleston and Greenville. However, it’s important to note that there’s plenty of opportunities to splurge on the outlet shopping in South Carolina. From Myrtle Beach to Tanger Outlets in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, you’ll shop until you feel like you’ve become the most professional bargain hunter in town.

Charleston is a Must-See Location

You cannot travel to South Carolina and leave without visiting Charleston. Charleston is not only a historic city but also characterized by charm and beauty. You can either choose to enjoy some walking tours of Charleston’s historic district or step back in time at Boone Hall Plantation. As mentioned, you can’t afford missing out on the pristine beaches in Charleston. Some of the beaches here include the Folly Beach, Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island, Sullivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a Must-See

South Carolina doesn’t just feature historical sites and beaches. If you love exploring the landscape and natural beauty, you can head towards the northwestern corner of South Carolina, near Spartanburg and Greenville, and get to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains are often referred to as the “secret state treasure.” If this doesn’t seem enough for your vacation, there are other wilderness areas and state parks to explore in South Carolina.