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How to Travel as a Lawyer

Posted on 04 September 2020 by (0)

Pursuing a career in law can be very demanding but, it also has its perks. Unlike in the past when lawyers only spent their time in courts and offices, there are many options today for lawyers to practice and travel at the same time. Such opportunities not only allow you to make money but, also have fun, exploring unique sights and sounds around the globe. The following are some of the best law careers that can offer you greater travel opportunities. 

Human Rights Lawyer 

As the name suggests, human rights lawyers deal with cases related to protecting the freedoms and rights of the people, both nationally and internationally. Some work for private law firms while others also work for various government agencies such as the U.N. Due to the wider scope of their work, human rights lawyers often travel to different parts of the world to collect statements from witnesses, make court appearances or attend court hearings. 

International Trade Attorney 

This is also another field that you should consider specializing in if you wish to practice law and travel. International trade attorneys focus on cases involving international trade such as disputes between global corporations or governments. International trade lawyers tend to focus on cases involving import and export laws, trade regulations, and compliance. 

Corporate Lawyer 

Specializing in corporate law could also allow you to travel. Depending on your qualifications and preferences, you can opt to work for a private firm or join a multinational organization. Most large corporations are currently looking for qualified candidates to expand their in-house legal staff. Some of the best corporations to look out for are those that deal in finance, healthcare, consulting, and insurance. 

Overall, there is no shortage of alternatives for lawyers to practice and explore the world. However, you should do a little more research to choose the right law career that will deliver the desired travel experience.