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Solo Travel Tips for Shy People

Posted on 08 January 2019 by (0)

Solo travel can change you if you allow it a chance. It can compel you to get out of a comfort zone. Solo travel can introduce you to new people and force you to try out new things. It can buffer you into a potentially better and new version of self. But, according to a blogger pal of mine, Austin Sims of Southwest Appliance Repair, solo travel can be daunting for a shy person. In fact, solo travel is totally a nightmare for a shy, anxious, or socially awkward person.

Shyness is something that can’t be cured. However, you can learn about it and live with it. Solo travel can help you do this. Here are solo travel tips for shy people that can help you enjoy traveling more often.

Ask Questions

Starting a conversation with a stranger can be a challenge for a shy traveler. In some cases, a shy person doesn’t even have the guts to ask questions. But, failing to ask questions won’t help you start conversations and get along with other people. It only makes you remain reserved and shy. Therefore, if someone approaches you and asks where you are from, answer them and ask a question too. Once they answer your question, ask about the place and the conversation will flow.

Try Not to Appear Shy

Shyness is something internal. Unless people have known you for sometime or you tell them, they won’t know you are shy instantly. Even when you feel uncomfortable, awkward, or nervous, they won’t notice that you are shy. Therefore, don’t give them a reason to suspect that you are shy.

Be Confident and Positive

A shy person can have difficulties getting into a restaurant or pub unless they know that someone close to them is already there. That’s because they are not confident and positive. To make your travel experience better, be confident and positive. Believe that you will enjoy a better experience from solo travel and activities that you engage in.

If you are shy and have difficulties traveling alone, follow these solo travel tips for shy people to make your experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.